gimicks to try and stay alive
try anything lights...reflectors...nutcrackers?


DT said...

You definitely need some red tights and yellow reflective material on your jacket...then it would be a dead on match.

PunkAssBitch said...

and don't forget a nutcracker cap to slip over the helmet...that is a necessity!

do his eyes blink on & off in a rapid succession?

ROFLMAO...I love it!

Hope it works & it's nice to "see" you Joel :-)

Have a merry & a happy holidaze...catch ya next year ;-)

gwadzilla said...

I have white battery operated christmas tree lights wrapped around the Nutcracker's (who is more of a Back-breaker!) chest; for night use only.

I wanted to keep a list of top responses to the NUTCRACKER from people on the street or at work. It is definitely eyecatching. Not sure if it is keeping me more safe or getting all the DC Scrooges to try and run me down in their SUVs?

so far the top should from a stranger was the questions, "is he on your back so you can use the HOV lane?"

sorry.....no red tights.

at Best Buy I thought that the women at the door checking bags was going to frisk him on the way out...