The Question Mark Guy-
living in the city you get to see all types
there is one character that I see around from time to time
the Question Mark Guy
I see him at Tryst getting coffee
I see him on late night tv in informercials trying to sell his book
there are other times when I see him ziping around town in his question mark covered Mini Cooper
then there are times like today when I see him rolling around town in some flashy clothes with his equally excentricly dressed female friend riding on the back on a scooter
the question mark guy wearing a a question mark covered helmet
while his passenger on the back weards no helmet at all
thus allowing her spikey hair to match well to her mini-skirt dress covered with Anarchy symbols in a very '77 Punk sort of way

I must admit.... I like his style and I do like FREE
I have my doubts about his book getting me anything at all

his book

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