I do not like the running hashers
it is clear that I do not care for the running hashers
I like their motto.... and that is about it
hashers.... "drinkers with a running problem"

I think I feel about the running hashers the way that some may feel about mountainbikers
I do not like it when I see their colored chalk marking the trail
especially when it is taking their runners off trail... bisecting the turn
I do not like it when I am trying to catch up with a friend at the local pub and the whole bar gets taken over by "the mob"
the mob of hashers... who like most mods end up being louder and more obnoxious because they do not stand as individual but they stand as a whole

this morning as I hiked the dogs I had to toss some fallen branches and debrie over the "girl scout route" that the running hashers had create in one of their local trail runs
it boggles my mind how my two sons; ages 2 and 4; can stay on the trail
yet full grown adults grow bewildered and start trail blazing

a blog entry from the agitator about hashers....


Squirrel said...

great point, I don't care for any of dem dar harshers either, whether their running, walking, hiking, or riding a bike. They all suck:( Now hashish thats another story:)


Rocco said...

grantman looks away from the camera, but still takes a good photo. i like the one of him staring at the ground while walking.

gwadzilla said...


ga zoon tight!

gwadzilla said...

and yes....
grantman is handsome little monkey!