the blog

the blog... my enemy... my friend
trying to sum it all up in words
finding myself at a loss of words
too many words
too many thoughts
hard for me to pull it together

what is this thing the blog?
what is a cycling blog?

someone help me here


fatmarc said...

it's where people who can't get enough of the passion go to get more, and sometimes it the life stuff that makes the other stuff interesting. It voyerism in the non porm kinda way, it's people who like to tell stories sharing a piece of their lives...

Squirrel said...

Amen! Fatmarc simply said it, nice:)


jeff said...

writing in the blog is complicated.
is it selfish sharing?
narcisstic even?
or does it simply add to the community?
a community that inspires each other.

iconoclasst said...

Shameless self-promotion done strictly for the sake of a shallow ego.

There ya go, nice, sweet, succinct, sibilant, what more could you ask for? Say it three times fast...