finally finished the fixie

the wide angle on the lense alter the image
making the gearing look a little different than it is
39X16 for those that care about such things
1973 Colnago frame
Phil Wood flip flop hub in the back, riding the fixed side
the bars do not work with the ascetic for me... but fine for now


iconoclasst said...
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iconoclasst said...

You're gonna need some crazy-fast legs on the steep downhills with that low gearing...

Sweet frame. Weinneman brakes?

gwadzilla said...

the gearing is low
intentionally low
as I want to keep low speed as I grow more accustom to the riding style
the anticipation and the escape routes

need to get second nature
I will go a while before I remember not to try and coast on fixed gear

them are the brakes

Shawn Kielty said...

I love pink. That looks very sweet.

Bryn B said...

best thing about a ratio like that is not that your spin will become something that bards write epic poems about. No, no, the best thing about a ratio like that is the Wheelie Madness that can ensue.

nicomachus said...

nice, clean job on the build. i can't imagine you won't like it. my fixie is my everyday commuter bike, and i choose to ride it most weekends too.

i like the bars (did you mean ascetic, or asthetic? wasn't sure). and i'm interested in hearing how you like the ride with them. i'm thinking of moving away from my bullhorns to mtb bars, and the way you've put yours together looks nice.


Josh said...

Wow, Joel... Nice bike!

Squirrel said...

Nice my brutha, nice:)


random said...

what a beauty!
where did you get it?