gary fisher

gary fisher...
I can vaguely recall being a bit bitter and angry about fisher being engulfed by trek
it pissed me off
for some reason there was this blurred notion that money was bad
that a merger like this meant "selling out"

selling out was this big thing to the kids growing up listening to punk
some sort of "ideal"
going for the mom and pop store rather than the chain
reaching for the smaller name product rather than the mainstream choice
there were bands like the clash that boasted about taking the van and sending the equipment in the limo
then there was ian mackaye of minor threat living his ideology
for some reason it seemed like black and white
big business was bad

so, when gary fisher... a man who I knew nothing about.... allowed his company to be bought out by the evil big guys, trek... well... I had an opinion
I had an opinion about something I knew little about
knew nothing about his racing in the past or the riding/racing at that moment
knew nothing about his business or his future involvement in the fisher product after trek took control
yet... I went around saying stuff
funny... people will do that

the age of the Internet sure does allow to clear some things up
years ago I changed my song
but I never forgot that i had spouted out more then once against somebody I didn't know about a situation I knew nothing about
good thing when I talk.... no one listens

here are a few good links to the world of gary fisher
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fisher history on the fisher page
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my favorite soda is coca cola
when I pass a walmart I always go and buy new socks
I own a honda instead of a home made car
and I have no issue with owning a specialized bicycle


Fritz said...

I'd love to own a boutique bike but all I can really afford right now are made-in-Taiwan lookalikes. My son rides a Gary Fisher MTB -- very nice bike :-)

gwadzilla said...

what is a boutique bike?

Rocco said...

shame on you for not owning a homemade car. shame!!