bloggers try their hands at print...
in this months issue of SPOKES MAGAZINE this humble blogger tried his hand at the written word in print
not as easy as blogging
in addition to my humble contribution there are various other articles worth reading
MY BIKE SHOP column (I may be bastardizing the column title) covers the P Street Hardware Store
a place where you can have keys made, buy some spackle, or have your bike tunned or get a new light for your bike
great little shop
I have been wandering through there for years and years

also worth reading is the March cover story by Captain Jack Sparrow aka CONVERSATIONSWITHMUD
the magazine looks like it covers a good range of topics
swing by your Local Bike Shop (LBS) and grab a copy
if your local bike shop does not carry SPOKES
tell them that they should
SPOKES MAGAZINE is to the Mid-Atlantic Cyclist what the City Paper is to the city dweller of each specific city!