the us capitol building

us capitol building
this week I had some work to do up on the hill
while out of the office I like to travel with camera in hand
not to go into great detail...
while on the hill taking a few random shots of this beautiful city I was approached by two capitol hill police officers simultaneously
they were polite and respectable
I understand that these are different times
but honestly.... the whole area was mobbed with tourists taking photographs
why was I singled out?

these are odd times
I like my big brother
but I am no fan of big brother
it is important for them to follow leads
and chase down suspicious behavior....
but where do I fit into that equation?


gwadzilla said...

and also respectable

tomalope said...

you gotta trim those natty dreds dude

gwadzilla said...

dread natty dread....
what can I do?
I am after all.... a buffalo soldier