CNN on Famous Ray's

my brother marc emailed me a link to an article on CNN's web page about Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park

good to see Ray is getting some press
good to see that this mountain bike "field of dreams" is still alive and well

go ray go!

Ray's Indoor Mountainbike Park's Site

Wikipdeia on FAMOUS RAYS

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Graham said...

Ahhhh...Ray's Pizza. Throughout high school and college I spent many a day in the village eating Rays. The Rays on 6th and 11th was always packed and literally provided a "soup nazi" like pizza ordering experience. I love it. It personifies NY to me. I recently had a chance to visit the Ray's on the upper West side that the article refers to and am happy to say that the pizza is as good as ever. It definitely is the "walk-around" style and not the thick style to which the article refers. But you know...I've been to some of the impostor Ray's as well...and let me tell you compared to the flame-broiled pizza available here in the DC area and most of the rest of the country, I'll take it any day!