days off and days on

riding the bike is part of my life
riding bicycles is something that gives me great pleasure
as much as I love to ride and race
most of my riding is commuting
usually try to extend my commute one way
go longer before work or go longer after work
otherwise it is a straight shot under 20 minutes
20 minutes if I have to stop for lights
seldom do I extend the morning ride by small increments as it is often more logical to walk the dogs longer with that extra 5 to 10 minutes
10 minutes more of walking is good for me and good for the dogs
that can take the morning dog walk above 20 or thirty minutes
strolling in the woods with the dogs in the morning can be a great way to start the day

today I rushed straight from home
confused, thought that the wife wanted yoga
we had not discussed it
maybe it was implied
maybe I imagined it all together
the rush home was extended not direct, but still not long
acutally I tend not to ride long distances or for long period of time
so the word would be "longer" as in "longer then my standard direct commute to work"

thought yoga started at 6
maybe it starts at 6:30

either way time is passing
the leashes are off the hook
the dogs are not flopping around by my feet
there are no kids argueing over the toy of the moment
and I am not on my bike
I am feeling guilt
had I had a minute it should have been on the bike

there are days on the bike
there are days off the bike
this is a day off the bike
I try to remind myself
days off the bike are as important as days off the bike
I think I need to get some more days on the bike

just heard the dogs bark
they are home and there is someone at the door

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gwadzilla said...

as it turns out
lisa had not planned for yoga
called her throughout the day
her cell was not on her person
seems I had the full conversation
made the whole adgenda in my head
things got more and more definite each time I called and got her voice mail

never talking to her
never leaving a message
just assuming that she would be able to read my mind
why not?
sometimes she assumes I can read hers