every person has a story

every person has a story
every picture tells a story

this collection of images shows a man who may not be wearing a wig for fashion or function
he may be wearing the wig because he is a bit of a freak
from the looks of the hospital braclets he just got released
from the look in his eye he got released too early

hopefully he is not a harm to himself
hope he is not a harm to anyone else

saw him again today
he was wearing a pretty nice clean long coat
not an overcoat, but a long coat of that style and cut but not for rain
oh, and he was wearing the same wig
I bet the hospital bands are gone

wonder what his story is...


Squirrel said...

Oh my:)


megan said...

its so great! i can't wait till one day i can mutter to myself wandering around on the streets wearing a bad wig.

Bryn said...

He's wearing shoes. That's rare. I don't understand the wigs. He's always got one, and they are always different styles of wigs. I wonder where he gets them.

gwadzilla said...

various wigs
where does he keep them
are they all this nice
very interesting

I will have to keep an eye out for him

Tammy said...

he he ....... you uploaded this on my b-day