give and take... talk or listen...

it is so funny
we are all so self absorbed
I certainly spend more time writing blogs than reading blogs
on MYSPACE people are always posting bulletins but no one is reading bulletins
everyone seems to prefer to talk rather than listen

these issues are things I contend with
I try to fight my nature
as hard as it may be for me
I try to listen as well as talk
I try to get information as well as give information
I try
it is not easy
but I try

recently my wife came back from a seminar at work
one of the valuable tools she walked away from on this day was a simple catch phrase/idea...

we have one mouth and two ears
that should be the ratio of talking to listening
we should listen twice as much as we talk

it makes sense
I try
it is not easy
but I try... I may not reach that ratio.... but it improves the level of communication

1 comment:

Isabelle said...

My ears are huge, I think they count as 2 each.