Greenbriar AMBC

Single Speeders and Clydesdales put that five dollars back in your pocket!
no one day license fee for either class

Greenbrier AMBC

A great race on a great course with excellent promotion is just ahead on this April's calendar

This is a wake up call for me to get out on some dirt
I am going to race so I better start riding

This year the race promoters have added a CLYDESDALE CLASS
In a recent email exchange with some of the promoters I learned that I am partially to blame for the Clydesdales racing as an EXPERT CLASS.
This works for me. I would rather be humbled by the Experts than ride humbly along side the beginners.

check your calendar
get your bike and body ready
I will see ya out there

wish me luck
help me to get motivated to find some dirt
night riding seems like the logical option


Tom said...

Let me get this straight.
If I wanted to race as a clyde I'd have to go with the experts.
Same time and # of laps?

And this is your fault?

You POS!

I oughta.......

Probly not at this one but sometime.


gwadzilla said...

when I got the email back from the hosts of the GREENBRIER race I was pleased that there was no license fee
but was a little awkward that my efforts for a Clydesdale class had been strong enough to get the class as an Expert Class
I knew there would be backlash

now my friend and fellow clydesdale gorilla on a bike is going to break me over his knee
well, maybe not his knee... as it is finally healed


bjw said...

what gearing is ran for the top SS riders? i'm looking to try the race and i am new to the area. i'm not sure i'll have time to pre-ride...thanks!