life with children... life before children

life with children and life before children
those are two clearly different times
the measure of time
the concept of free time

I had no idea how much free time I once had
now that I have children... there is almost no free time
games like croquet... well... unlikely
if you want the kids running around pulling out the wickets and trying to hit the balls into outer space.... sure

but... if you want a real match, forgetaboutit
not an option


gwadzilla said...

those were supposed to be animated gifs
oh well
I guess I will remove that post

gwadzilla said...

replaced the animated images with that wonderful still image

madonna rocks!

although I am confident that her croquet skills are no match for mine

budda43 said...

free time?

I vaguely recall the concept. . .

The 10 month old is starting to be less needy, but we've got another on the way.

Then again, I wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

gwadzilla said...

how many ya got?
I am holding at two
formaly one of four big buddhas

gewilli said...

yeah... preachin to the choir man...

how the hell do ya juggle this:

#1 Tues Paceline ride around the BLVD
#2 Running
#3 one trailer/jogger with 1 seat
#4 two kids

me = paceline
wife = run

not enough hours... not to mention i'm supposed to make dinner and get the oldest to bed so she's awakable in the morning tied around two jobs that are somewhat rigid in the timing!

I wanna ride - she wants to run... and the oldest isn't old enough to leave at home, although she could be, it'd be rather irresponsible...

Oh and its like my Aunt suggesting a nice game of baseball for the family reunion... sure - between the cousins we have 8 kids (i think) all under 6 years old, and the last family reunion baseball game my great uncle got beaned in the face and had to go to the hospital...