more homeless people with bikes

here is another image from downtown washington dc
more homeless people
more homeless people with bikes
those bikes look a little shiney....
makes me wonder...

there is an interesting thing about the homeless
they can live on the streets and set up "camp" in the park
but everytime I every tried to camp for a night in an undesignated area
or in a camping area that happened to be closed for the off season
I ended up getting run out my "the man"

I try to be compassionate

do I need these LED THROWIES for my next night relay mountain bike event?


iconoclasst said...

So now ya got homelessness-envy?

As for the puzzle of the bikes, don't worry: any shiny bike pinched by a homeless person won't be in the appropriator's (business-speak for "thief") hands for long, unless he/she happened to also steal a good lock and key. Chances are good that those bikes will see more ass than the proverbial toilet seat!

gwadzilla said...

the sad thing....
the notion of the disposable society extends not just from those that have
but also to the have nots

so many people can not afford what it costs to get something fixed

it is my uneducated guesstimation that it is easier for the theif to steal another bike rather than having to shell out for some basic repairs

the thousand dollar bike without grips tends to tell me something

the clipless pedals with sneakers on top

the crazy out of true rear wheel with the brakes disconnected

these are all red flags that draw my attention

helena said...

If the frame isn't locked to the tire a thief could remove the front tire and get away with your bike.

bike bell

gwadzilla said...

helena... thanks for your trolling comment
it worked... it got me to visit your site

your statement is true.... but that post is years old and will less than likely be viewed

if you want more traffic to your site
try some alternate guerilla market tactics
have a bike give away at a local school

host a bike rodeo that gives out free helmets to the kids in the neighborhood