one more of Cargo Mike

today at lunch it was a nice day so I took a walk at lunch
grabbed a few slices of pizza from albertos
walked while I ate
took a few shots between bites
the same story
a different day

seek and you shall find
heard that somewhere
had not taken a shot of cargo mike and his cargo bike in some time
kept my eyes open for him and his rig
sure enough
there it was... can not miss it

we rapped for a little
actually I talked his ear off
turns out he is racing greenbriar this weekend in the single speed class
which should be cool
while I will be sweating it out with the big boys in the clydesdale class... on my geared bike

it was good to see him
I was a little jacked on caffiene at the time
had my coffee a little late in the day
as my younger son grant had dropped a few blueberries into my tall cup off coffee
before sip one
I tried to drink it
but there is a reason why blueberry coffee is not on the market

time to slide down the dinosaur



Squirrel said...

Good luck at the race, pictures man, pictures.


Josh said...

Slices from Alberto's... yummmmm...

Gaz said...

Oooh, good call. Think I'm gonna have to hit up Alberto's for lunch today...

hiphopcommittee said...

alberto's is one of the best carry out pizza places around and blueberry coffee sounds ok but let me ask you do have anymore of those what'chuma call it bike pictures. you know the one with the models who had on those new aerodynamic biking suits. i was thinkin' about buyin' one of those bikes but i couldn't decide which one. i think i need to it from a few more angles before i can decide.