sean bega/hub racing

sean bega
wrench/service manager for city bikes
charlie of charlie's angels
I mean, sean of hub racing

sean got out in the mud on earth day


gwadzilla said...

water is precious
without water there would be no mud

Rocco said...

would that be the cb demo day?

gwadzilla said...

City Bikes Demo day at Schaffer Farms
it rained
it rained in biblical proportions
then it cleared up

there was a grill and all sorts of people
wish it had been dry
but it was fun to ride in the mud with some friends

I did three short rides
a quick one on my own
a social one with hillary as she broke a demo and I suffered chain suck
then another conversational level ride with the pesident of more
now... I did not know he was the president of more till halfway through the ride
he was very cool
we had a great ride
it was a funny sort of chance meeting

tomorrow I will post a few images from the event
I only took a handful of pictures
but a few is beter than none