the G-man at INTROSPECTION had me thinking

a comment and a link from Gman at Introspection Section had me thinking
in his rant he spoke about an inconsiderate school bus driver
rather than drift off into a game of show and tell I am going to just say one thing

people who drive professionally should learn to drive professionally
know the law
respect other's rights
behave like adults
understand that actions have consequences

adults should act like adults
adults should drive like adults
and professionals
professionals who can not drive in a professional manner should not be driving professionally

perhaps I need to start putting my money where my mouth is
get out the camera
get some photos
take down some license numbers
then make some phone calls

I am not looking to get anyone fired
I am just trying to get people to behave
we all need a speed check from time to time
and well
it looks like society as a whole needs a speed check

and if calling their boss does not help
maybe I should call their mother!

snitching and blowing whistles are not normally my style
but if this slows things down
if this saves some lives
if this prevents the "worst case scenario"
then I just might have to do it

there were two stories about school buses right on the tip of my tongue

what the heck....

want some show and tell? here ya go


pedalmaniac said...

Speaking of "professional" drivers we should be worried about _how_ they are taught. I had a recent experience, http://pedalmaniac.blogspot.com/2006/05/north-shore-truck-driving-school.html
where I tried a new anger management strategy, I wrote a letter.

Tim said...

It's not snitching. It's reporting. If you report a careless professional driver, you're not only making the streets a little bit safer for fellow cyclists, you're helping the employers who pay attention to what you tell them.

Careless drivers can cost companies big money. That's why many of them listen when they hear specific reports about their vehicles and drivers.

Go for it. Make the call.