Spokes Article....

this year I was given the opportunity to write the
SINGLETRACK article in the Mid-Atlantic cycling magazine SPOKES

I am about to start in on the article for next month...
usually I wait till the night before to start my homework
it I want an
A on this test.... I best start sooner

the topic:
please send me an email if you are interested in some


I am really impressed that my little name to email link works!


cargo mike said...

sounds like it has the potential to be a great article, no I don't have a wife nor kids for that matter but my FATHER did re-marry and has two lil girls( 4 and 6) and he DOESN'T balance it, seeing as though he never rides his MTB and he lives 1 mile away from shaeffer farms. Sorry if I was only supposed to email.

gwadzilla said...

no mike....
comments are as good as email
if not better
as they often inspire others to comment as well

it is tough to balance
may people give up what they love for their kids

how was gambril on monday?
we had a great ride

cargo mike said...

right on...no I did not make it out on monday which was probaly for the better..got some stuff done around the APT before the GF got back from NYC...none the less went to patapsco on saturday and shaeffer on sunday so I thnk that it was a good weekend...anyone going to the HOO-HA?? I don't think I can make it, actually I know I can't go but I am still in denial because it will probably be one of the funnest races on the year.