bicycles and the law

in short....
when a bicycle moves on the road there are various laws...
the same laws that are set for cars exist for bicycles
yet.... just as the car drivers modify the rules of the road to make things move more fluidly so do the bicycles and the bicyclists

bicycles tend to ride to the right side of the road
but.... this is not always possible
the cars pass the cyclists and drive too far to the right for bikes to proceed
so, just as the cars have passed the bicycle... the bicycle passes the car
sometimes the bicycle breaks the double yellow line that is marked for no passing
but... it is common place for a car to do the same thing

what is most important is that this action by either party is done safely without any enfringement upon the rights of others

then, just as cars pass the bicycle
when there is a line of cars the bicycle splits lanes and moves to the front of the grid lock traffic
the cars pass the bicycle
the bicycle passes the cars
this works better than the bicyclist taking the whole lane
refusing car traffic to pass
forcing traffic to move at the pace of the bike

coffee done
dean forgot his lunch
I need to pack and head to big bear

let the comments act as a forum to finish this thought

I own a car...
I drive a car
that is one of the major differences between me when I am on a bicycle then the cars around me
I can seen the experience from both sides
most cars are inconsiderate of other car drivers
the issue with their inconsiderate behavior towards pedestrians and cyclist is human life
the lack of crumple resistent side panels and multiple air bags
flesh and bones do not respond well to rolling rubber, black aspault, and a slick glossy pain job

people need to understand that the cyclist is a person
a person just like them
someone's daughter or someone's son
that person has friends
and that person may have children
that person is a person who has a right to their safety
and a right to the road

too many car drivers see the cyclist or the pedestrian as a obstacle that they weave around fast
removing the human element
removing safety from the scene
also removing common sense and common courtesy

the action of opening and holding the door for another is a lost art
not everyone needs to be a boy scout walking blue haired ladies across the street
but... something as simple as holding the door open for another is quite basic
but these things are not taught anymore
therefore these things do not happen

the same goes for appropriate behavior on the road
stop signs
stop lines
actions at intersections
and behavior when approaching the crosswalk
the appropriate behavior has not been taught or stressed
the appropriate action is seldom
people repeat the same inconsiderate and dangerous behavior on a daily basis
if we cold just get people to respect other's right to safetly when crossing the street
we would be well on the way to making the world a safer place

everyone should pass pedestrains or cyclists how we would like people to pass us if we were pedestrians or cyclists


Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

You rule, man!

What a great, and important, essay.

There is much to think about in your words.

gwadzilla said...

thanks Kiril
it is good to see that you poke your head in here from time to time

I will have to scan the Cyclind Dude for relevant articles

good to see my republican cycling buddy from the west does not mind heading east from time to time to see my cycling rants mixed with my liberal confusion

good to see you here!
I will be by at your place this afternoon at lunch
finishing coffee at home
now time to walk the dogs in the rain!

Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

I get around to all the Blogs in my roll, though I may not leave a comment. ;-D

Though I may disagree with some folks in cycling advocacy circles, such as CM, I believe that cycling advocacy should transcend politics.

Folks of all political stripes ride bikes, and share an interest in the issues related to cycling, and in spreading knowledge, and info useful to our fellows..

gwadzilla said...


I agree

Critical Mass is the cycling equvilent of PETA
now I may not agree with PETA
I think it is valuable that they are there

it is good when the people do work to keep things in check