could have been the best and worst year of the man's life

Steeler's Quarterback injured in motorcycle accident
news from Bloomberg

from what it sounds he is seriously injured
while also being seriously lucky

no helmet?
what is this guy thinking?

I wish him luck
I said a prayer
hopefully he will learn from this
maybe everyone will learn from this

this could have been an ugly combination of the best and worst year of his life
winning the Super Bowl and dying a few months later
that would have to go in the record books along with the passing of Len Bias

this accident gives me chills
not because this is some super hero athlete
no... because of the worst case scenarios that could so easily be avoided if we just chilled a bit behind the wheel
I am not saying that either the car driver or the motorcyclist was in the wrong
just saying that if we just slowed down a bit
we would all be able to live with less regret

this man was very lucky not to suffer greater injuries due to the helmetlessness of it all

Good Luck Big Ben!
I am certain that you have the best men in Pittsburgh trying to stitch you up
along with every person in the Pittsburgh area praying for you... even the atheists

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gwadzilla said...

a broken jaw and a broken nose
hopefully not much more

they never said ICU
they said he was coherent on arrival

this is not to be taken lightly
no matter who this person is
even if this is the kid down the block riding his moped to get to work at the 7-11

I get GOOGLE ALERTS to news with the topic of bike in them
there are always alerts to accidents
I usually chose to read no more than the headline on that stuff