fast laps... no prizes

Granny Gear Results of Fastest Laps

it was an amazing course
a fast course that cruised with great fluidity
a great course for a race
a great course for one lap
a great course for multiple laps

the attendance at the Granny Gear events has been low in the last few years
but... my guess is the numbers will start growing
the new West Virginia venue is fantastic
the quality of the soil is such that it maintains a certain grip even when wet
I have been told that the course drains well after a rain
the proximity to Washington DC is also a positive factor for many

the abscence of prizes may come into play as well
no prizes means less pros.... or so it seems
no prizes will take away some of the motivation for Sandbaggers to Race Sport
the glory of reaching the podium is not about prizes
the glory is in the bragging rights

let me brag....
I was the slow guy on a fast team
with four people on a team someone is going to be the fastest
while someone is going to be the slowest
as hard as I tried to be the fastest... I ended up being the slowest
there is no shame in my efforts.... I gave it my all and am proud of my humble performance

our team was strong
we managed to finish fourth in our class
but... ended up 8th overall
apparently the Vet Class was the fast class!
it was awesome!
it was awesome racing with and against some good people
it was awesome testing my personal limits

(who knows the link to the photographs from this event?)


teejasaur said...

Hey Gwadzilla - cool blog. It was good camping and racing with your crew. Give a holler if you want to ride Patapsco sometime. Stay huge.

gwadzilla said...

I made a collage with the photos from the podium
but may touch it up
the images are at work
was going to rant about good neighbors inproving the experience

drop me an email and I will send it to your
you can just copy it after I post it

great race
you guys kicked ass
I made brief mention of you guys on an earlier post
I think
hard to recall because I threw some much stuff up here in the last few days
it is like I threw up all this stuff

gwadzilla said...

I have the Sport podium shot of you guys!

how was camping the next night?

did you do any more riding?

I have commuted
but only extended my loop a little yesterday
then a equally short loop tonight with some dirt
real mellow
thinking of the race in richmond this weekend

teejasaur said...

Love to see the photo collage - you can email me at teejasaur@yahoo.com , did 25 mellow on the road monday evening. Going to do mtb ride tonight. You guys did great in the overall! The vet class is badass. There's also an xc race in Hershey this weekend - Race for Chocolate, of course. Camping the next night was quite serene. The carnival left town, and the wind died down. We drank beer and cruised around on sore saddles. Glad I took monday off! You guys planning on 7 springs?