Jim Rapp aka Featherhead

Jim Rapp aka Featherhead

decades ago this man was a fixture in the DC cycling community
Jim is alive and not as well as he was before he started living with MS (multiple sclerosis)
I had heard a rumor that Jim had passed away
today I called and learned that this rumor was nothing more than that... a rumor
Jim is alive living in up state New York
Jim is alive in many people's hearts and many people's memories

city paper article about jim rapp by jim rapp
a thread/forum/discussion on ifbma.ca for people to share tales or information on Jim Rapp


ETJB said...

thanks for posting this.

gwadzilla said...

Jim Rapp is alive and well in the northeast
he has been slowed down a bit from the effects of MS

I am waiting for him to tell his story
it would make a great screen play
then a great film

a documentary or a even a feature film

let art immatate life