am I just trying to sneak in the reflection


Chris & Kelly said...

Dude, the new Ruffian looks sweet. Innovative dropouts.

SupaDave said...

Given that I've known u 4 about 20 years now, I'm midly jealous when I say this: "Is there something up w/u and Mike? There r a lot of photos of him on this site [ hmmm ]. Does Lisa know?

gwadzilla said...

lots of pictures of tar too....

part of the issue is I take photos in a sphere around where I work

the people I see have clients near where I work

it is easier to approach someone I have already approached before

that said....

whats up dave?
having a good summer?

when are you at the shop?

mabye I can swing by and get some photos of you and pinky

seen mickey?

SupaDave said...

Pinkey, Mike and I r at the shop 2gether on Tuesdays & Thursdays [ we come n, Pinkey goes home ]. I'm alive, so the summer is good. I'm supposed 2 go 2 L.A. & S.F. n October, so I'll c the Ratt then.
2 more things; every1 is approachable 4 u big boy and WHAT'S UP WIT U AND TAR?