one more shot from this morning

she was not so excited to ride on the sidewalk for this photo op
to appease me she ran down the tourists just ahead of her


gewilli said...

Dmn she's got SEXY legs...

at least from that angle!

I like the 'multi-exposure' effects... very cool Jman!

gwadzilla said...

she is a looker
very cute
I have a hard time capturing the actual cute-ness of the ladies and their bikes

I will figure it out
guess I am supposed to tell them to "make love to the camera"
or something to that effect
I have not gotten that far along yet

the multi-exposures is done in Photoshop
not in the camera

Rocco said...

i like the new photoshop skills

gwadzilla said...

that photoshop skill is so Photoshop 4.0
but thanks

it is good to pull out some good clean tricks
been repeating the repeating trick on a mess of images of the kids
it makes an okay photo a tad more interesting

Surly Rider said...

I miss my city bikes buddies. She used to talk to me aobut her boy troubles, and ask me to wrench stuff for her customers.