corporate identities and corporate logos

item branding
corporate logos
corporate identities

this stuff really works...
just as the octagon for the STOP sign is made for those that do not know how to read can understand its meaning
so can the corporate logo...
my kids know Coca Cola means soda... so deliver trucks or box cars on trains with Coca Cola printed on the side are soda trucks or soda trains
the Champion logo on my socks was recognized by Dean as something that was also on his sweatshirt
Dean can go into a shoe store and find all the shoes made by Keen

it is all very interesting to watch

two year old Grant amzes me with this pairing of logo with product
it happens with stuff all the time
and not always for the best...

as displayed in the movie SuperSize Me the golden arches of McDonalds become part of the children's world quite quickly
although I have never been to McDonalds with my kids
the occassional treat with their grandparents or with mom on a road trip has solidified all this in their mind
and it is not about the food
they are not drawn to the salty fries
it is the toys that they seek
they tear open the happy meal and start playing with the toy long before they go for the salty fries
and they do eat all of their salty fries

kids pick up on subtle details that we tend to miss
things that reside in our subconcious appear in their concious

it is important for adults to be aware of what is exposed to our children

in this era of a fuel crisis and an obesity epidemic I try to be alert to what my children are tunned into
having my son playing with a toy Hummer that he got in a Happy Meal does not make me happy
if someone was to discuss the Hummer with my son Dean they would soon learn that he has been told that I do not care for this car due to its lack of fuel effiecieny and its impraticality for everyday use
just as I have told him that McDonalds is okay for a treat... but not good for a growing boy and everyday consumption

enough with my soap box
got to focus on work
lost the train of thought... there was something Grant did this morning that gave birth to this idea
but that idea has long since been lost
I will hit publish and post before I get into how my son points out all the smokers to me now days and tells me that they are idiots for smoking even though they know it can kill them

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gwadzilla said...

now I remember!

last night as I tried without success to get two year old Grant to fall asleep we wreslted in his bed

at one point he noticed the logo at the front of my shirt, EX2 Advnetures
and he asked, "where is the monkey? how come there is no monkey?"
I told him... because the monkey is on the back
he asked to see it
I turned around...
it amazed me that he was able to tie in these two images
really a set of words and a logo

he is a smart little monkey