less thinking... more riding

watching a great little film, 2 Seconds
my mother got it for me for my birthday
my mother bought it for me with my brother's recomendation
a pretty good choice
I am sure he will enjoy it when he comes and borrows it

will also want to share the film with some other friends
not just female downhillers like jenn or hillary
I think that this film is entertaining to many types of cyclists and maybe even some non-cyclist but the fancy sub-title thing can scare off a big percentage of non-cyclist world

2 Seconds...

some funny messenger observations
some funny bike shop observations
some amusing racing observations
some amusing road to mountain cyclist observations
waitng to see the observations that are not about cycling
waiting to see soem development of characters

watching it again not quite to where I had stopped it last night

funny story
funny characters
and well
I love FLASHBACK scenes
I do not mind subtitles

good little film
fun little story
fun characters


lee said...

loved that movie. i was afraid of the subtitles at first, but i really enjoyed it.

furyosin said...

incredible, yesterday i saw that movie, some friend-biker give me it for a couple days and it was very good film... i have behind me "red light go" and "quicksilver"... let me see...

gwadzilla said...


that is interesting timing
maybe it just got released on DVD

I really enjoyed it

it was sort of fun how it did not all get resolved

Anonymous said...

it sounded promising- glad it worked out

I look forward to borrowing it soon :)