magnificient markup

ah... we love to pay more
we like to think that when we pay more we get more

which in so many cases is true

a few weeks ago I stopped by to see an old friend
she took a break from work and we went across the street to grab a soda
the choices were there CVS or Marvelous Market
I was pointing towards the CVS
but altered my course as I could see that she was leaning towards the Marvelous Market

when inside I made things easy
grabbed a bottle of Coke and a candy bar, a Bit-O-Honey to be exact
after paying my bill I examined the reciept as the finally tally seemed steep for a two product purchase

it turns out the soda was a pretty standard markup
while the candy bar was a buck sixty five

I asked if the price was correct

to my surprise the man behind the counter claimed it was correct

I asked if I should go back and get the rest of the box

the man stared back blankly

then I asked if this was the organic version of the Bit-O-Honey candy
the man still looked at me blankly

rather than bother to return the product and grab the same thing for its actual price at the CVS or the nearest corner hot dog stand I decided never to return to the world of the Magnificient Markup at the Marvelous Market

my wife and I differ on our stores of choice

lisa is drawn towards the Fresh Fields Whole Foods Market
while I would prefer to shop at Costco

while in Colorado I was pleased to find a Bit-O-Honey for sixty five cents

it was tasty
Bit-O-Honey is similar but different than Mary Jane


rickyd said...

You're a lame-o cheapass. Don't you know it costs money to pay for all the fancy graphics at Marvy Market, to pay for the marketing team that matched the curtains to the font they used on the door, not to mention the snobby cashier?

Remember, you are getting a Marvy Market Bit-O-Honey, not a dirty CVS Bit-O-Honey. Don't you feel better inside for paying the extra dollar now?

Anonymous said...

Gwad don't you know that Bit-o-honey is so expensive b/c it's a collectors item? They stopped making them in 1975 and you aren't supposed to eat them-you frame them for display. Jeez imagine the overhead to store that thing for over thirty years....If you chew them for a half hour they make a great tire boot...


Frank Brigandi said...

maybe you should have dropped your pants and waited for the reach around while getting your ass reamed over a candy bar......not so marvelous at all...I'm looking at their page and am getting itchy to call them ad ask if they BIT O'Honeys in stock......you should write bit o'honey and tell them about their pricing..