off road to athens... 24 Hour Solo Movie!

jason berry east coast film maker and east coast local mountain biker is not just promoting OFF ROAD TO ATHENS
(jason won sport series at my heavily blogged about Wakefield event last year... while he raced with the single speeds this year)
Jason Berry is moving forward and working on his next film
this film earning his the Trek Sponsorship that he saught with his Olympic quest film is found on his new project following Chris Eatough and his quest for the 24 Hour Solo Championship

I am certain it will ROCK!

jason has a blog

[on a dial up connection... no time for the loading of images... so... imagine a flashy logo for Gripped Films with Chris Eatough and Jason Berry]


Liz Schleeper said...

I need to see that movie.

I did finally find a contact at Spokes magazine.

Please help with my rants. I am writing a paper on cycling blogs and would love your input, especially since you so often use poetic form.

I have a cycling questionaire at www.bikevoice.blogspot.com


gwadzilla said...

I wrote an article for SPOKES magazine this year about the BICYCLE BLOG
not sure if it would have any useful information
it is an interesting topic
seems that only bicycle bloggers know about bicycle blogs

Liz Schleeper said...

I am going to email them to see if I can get a copy. Do you recall what month/ year it was there? Or could you send me the article via email?

I have not seen the mag anywhere here in Hampton Roads for a couple of years and they do not have an online version.