slow down.... a car accident takes a life of a friend's son

we all need to slow down

the kids need to slow down
the parents need to set the example and slow down
put down the cell phone
check your text messages later

off the soap box
a moment of silence for Michael Peterson
I know his brothers
I will never get to know him
as a father
as a friend of the father
this senseless death pains me deeply

be the master of your destiny
control your fate in ways you can


pablo said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. I would love to spread your message. Can I post your words and picture on my memorial website www.descansos.org so that your message can reach more persons?

TIA Pablo
descansos.org :: A Tribute of Love

gwadzilla said...


I thing that the memorials for those who lost their lives on the road are vital symbols

we need reminders that life is dangerous
we need reminders to slow down

in peru I remember seeing the highways lined with what looked like little dog houses for little dogs in the shape of churches
most of thoes memorializing deaths from people crossing the highway from shanty town to shanty town
then of course
some from car accidents

the memorial can be a beautiful thing

can you post it?
I can not say

now you have me thinking it may have been wrong for me to post this link

how public do people want their lives to be?

as a blogger much of my life is public
but some things are still kept private

good night
have a nice day

gwadzilla said...

oh pablo...

for a short time I thought you were talking about my dog roscoe
although he is dead
he was not hit by a car

he will me memorialized in one way or another

that has yet to be determined