summer is here... summer is almost gone

summer is here
summer is almost gone

yet I have not marked the beginnning of summer with a trip to Ocean City Maryland or a trip to the Bethesda Crab House for "all you can eat" crabs
sure we have done summer things
but we have not done these things there were one regular summer rituals

my riding buddy chris redlack sent me this.... No Pinch
I thought for sure it would have to do with 29inch wheels and 29 inch tubeless tires
it had to do with the Honda Element

Old bay is great on corn
I did manage to race all of the summer series of Wednesday at Wakefield
there have been countless trips to the pool
hot days spraying each other with the hose, swatting mosquitos, and splashing in the kiddie pool
but... the passing of summer without burning the bottom of my feet on the hot sand of Ocean City
well... it just would not be summer
that would be like not drinking a green beer on St. Patricks Day or not getting a heart shaped card on Valentines day
okay... I can not remember the last time I had green beer

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Alberto said...

Yeap. Summer’s almost gone. Zero summer. Nothing like some fresh crabs. Might be cultural. We’re blessed here.