things do not look good for landis

could landis be innocent?
sure, he could be

maybe it is a witch hunt

either way... it does not look good

landis on leno

floyd's lame blog
it reads like a few captions without the images

someone wants to sue landis?
sue them all... he does not stand alone

today at the highest point of Rocky Mountain National Park as I climbed some rocks with my son Dean there were some Menonites on the trail
I considered making some small talk
chatting them up
getting a feeling of how this whole episode with Floyd Landis has effected their community

he could be innocent?

Phonak Cycling has a history for being dirty

are there levels of cheating?
is syntheic testosterone as bad as EPO
is it the same?
is this like leading versus stealing?

that is Carole Landis
it seemed more interesting than another picture of a geek on a bike


Frank Brigandi said...

filing Suit against pro athletes for fraud may be a good benchmark to set. Why not hold pro athletes to the same standards as citienzs, the average joe and jane.
starting clean and demanding all pro athletes take a series of tests to determine worthiness would be a great idea. the ones who bitch about it are dopers plain and simple. athletes who are clean will embrace this concept.

iconoclasst said...

Not much chance Landis isn't guilty. He had evidence of SYNTHETIC testosterone in his blood.

His ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone went from 4:1 (= high normal) to 11:1 (= way off the human chart) after the race. Epitestosterone (a nonbioactive form) is made by the body in typically equal porportions to endogenous testosterone.

Synthetic testosterone added into the mix would raise body testosterone levels but would, if anything, LOWER epitestosterone levels, thus the impossibly abnormal 11:1 ratio. The ratio for most people is 1:1, with a high reading being 4:1.

Now, what good a pre-race smattering ot testosterone would do for a rider remains a subject of speculation, since it takes time and repeated dosing for testosterone's ergogenic effects to become manifest.

gwadzilla said...

I wish Andy Griffith were on the case...
not Mattlock
but Sheriff Taylor
he would sort it all out
or at least he would help it all get sorted out

even if that meant having whatever side is in the wrong step forward and come clean

either Floyd is lying through his teeth
those that are taking these tests are finding conclusions through faulty measures

all I know is

Floyd is in a bad way.

cargo mike said...

did anybody see him on leno?? I didn't, well I saw a clip with him and some other celeb(i am horrible with pop culture) and the other dude was bashing cycling and saying stuff like "who watches cycling on tv" I don't know would like to hear how the whole show went..i know he was on a couple of other shows as well..u gunna be back for CM#3 FH GWADZ?

gwadzilla said...

no... will not be back in time for Cranky Monkey #3
will be flying back from colorado while you will be flying around the course
good luck... rock the house!

I did not see Leno
want to catch that
when I get back to high speed I will see if I can find some of the Leno stuff on the Internet

funny... if it was an actor bashing cycling
as cycling takes so many things that add up to skill
while acting is a tad more arbitrary

it is funny...
in the end sports like cycling are not so much about performance for the viewers as it is about performing against the other athletes and performing against the clock

I would think that Lance did not think about much more than the record books
the podium was more than likely secondary to where he placed himself in cycling history

now I am curious...
as it would be fun to bash actors and their craft in front of the world
that would be like meeting sitting next to the pope and cracking on catholicism
okay... maybe I would do that

The Spud Man said...

Wasn't he allowed certain steroids because of his hips? Could this be of blame?

And isn't carole landis a menonite? she wouldn't be showing her legs like that if she was.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Landis is innocent. now there's proof.

According to new government intel, not only is the Tour de Farce fiasco the result of an Al-Qaida plot, so was the Bonds & Rose scandals and JJ's wardrobe malfunction. Sean Kelly's poem tells all at http://richardquick.blogspot.com/2006/08/tour-de-america-tribute-to-patriot.html


Richard Quick, Esq.