waiting for the truth

in cycling people have been using patches for years
this is the first I have heard of the testosterone patch

I had no idea that landis was a woman trying to boost his libido

a news story

personally I feel...
landis is just another athlete in the tour
if found guilt it will be a serious let down
will that destroy the tour's credibility?
I think not
sports are dirty across the board
cycling has been dirty for years
cycling is trying to come clean
this sort of cheating is nothing new
we see it in baseball and football
in the Olympics as well as the professional level
there needs to be a spring cleaning...

yes... I hope that landis is squeaky clean... but... it does not look good

as far as honesty goes
the presidents of this country have set certain standards of honesty
this is not the age of "yes, I chopped down the cherry tree"
no, this is the era of "talk to my lawyer"
"what tree?"

"prove it"
whether being accused about indecent behavior or stretching the facts on WMD...
no one is telling the truth

maybe it is not just sports that needs a little Spring Cleaning....
maybe our society needs to put its moral fiber through the wash

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stupid said...

whether being accused about indecent behavior or stretching the facts on WMD...
no one is telling the truth

And these are the people we are choosing to run our country. And the thing that gets me is that it's always a choice between two evils. And no matter who you choose, they are still evil. Arugh!

And yeah... I hope Floyd can somehow proove innocence, but doubt it.

Frank Brigandi said...

well, a 4-1 "illegal" ratio/imbalance could render one superhuman in regard to strength and power output.... Floyd apparently displayed an 11-1 ratio and synthetic testorone was found in his sample, now not realy an issue of guilt, it's more of a morality issue, and find out whoelse is responsible for this result. Big corporations that throw millions of dollars at sports teams, want results and they will do anything they can to get those results. If they pressure a teams directors to ensure a victory, well, it's just like any other business deal, the deal happens at the expense of any morality or personal decisions. Floyd may not even know he had it in him for all we know, and has possibly become the victim in his own fantasy of winning a tour de france. Why suddenly dismiss supposed elite level athletes from contracts? so you don;t look as shitty as your riders do, when these cases go to trial. There's always someone there to clean up the mess and put the blame on lesser important role players.....

Anonymous said...

I heard you were on the T on sunday- (taurine)- any truth to the rumor?

did you take it orally or in patch form?


gwadzilla said...


Sunday's race was RED BULL free
wish I had my own Magic Cocktail.. GATOR-RAGE
my Red Bull/Gatorade mix
that would have saved me from my slow slog to the finish

ten seconds
ten seconds
ten seconds....

don't they shave time for every five pound over two hundred?

gwadzilla said...


Anonymous said...

Frank B. you are full of hot air. Let it out and chill baby you are going to have a heart attack along with your nazi friend Joel.


gwadzilla said...

dam tyrone....
you pat me on the back on one comment section
then you beat me down on the next

I may be bald
but I am certainly no nazi

as an american of 100 percent Polish descent I take offense to the Nazi references

as for Frank
I only know Frank electronically
Frank has a cycling history
some first hand experience with the racer and the pressure from team and sponsors

his words may give insite that we can not see from the stands

but yes
Franks (like me) needs to let out some steam

it is good to let out some steam and to share some ideas

now lets us all chill from the anti-semetic statements
we are not mel gibson

Frank Brigandi said...

My parents were both born in Sicily. I don't think I could ever be a skinhead.