common sense... common courtesy.... guided behavior

laws are not my thing...

the thought that it is illegal to play frisbee on the beach is a rational yet obnoxious law
the law is created because some people are inconsiderate while other people are out of control
if people used their proper judgement and developed some skills then frisbee on the beach would be a safe option

in heavy wind... why bother?
if you can not get the frisbee to your intended location and risk hitting the sunbathers in the area in the head... please don't bother

driving sort of falls into the same framework
people need to exhibit a little more common sense
for me it is not so much the speed of the cars
but everything that goes along with the speeding
the dangers that come from speeding and being out of control
speeding on a stretch of vacant highway in the desert is different than buzzing through a residential neighborhood or an urban center

I have tried going the speed limit.... it is obnoxious and causes road rage
so I drive within an acceptable increase
not as fast as the average driver... but not as slow as grandma headed to church
the problem is....
people have gone beyond a safe increase in speed
it has just gotten out of control

the rolling through the stop sign past the stop line is really my true pet peeve
as the intentional rolling through the stop line at red lights and stop signs is beyond obnoxious it is dangerous
if cars would make a complete stop at the stop line the world would be a better place
pedestrian traffic which includes little old ladies, pregnant women, and people with strollers are at great risk thinking that they are safe
even if the pedestrian has the right of way it is not safe for them to step off the curb
while the car drivers tend to only concern themselves with getting from point A to point B as fast as they can
never is the well being of other taken into account
a complete stop at the appropriate stop line would ripple on to effect all sorts of driving behavior
including speeding

I can not complete this thought
I think the point has been made

I am all for people spending more time being more considerate of others
when I drive I am very aware of my speed and my actions
I try to follow those old rules of "do onto others... "
it amazes me when I get buzzed by a car with a bicycle roof rack

if all human power people/athletes were to be more considerate of all other athletes...
that would be a start
if all moms and dads drove through residential neighborhoods how they would like people to drive down their street
if everyone was more concious of their behavior
it would be a much more pleasant world

off my soap box and back to work

scroll down and look at the pretty pictures


gwadzilla said...

no time to get my full thoughts across
no time to proof read
no time to take things full circle

work is calling....

enjoy the pictures


have a nice day

(the pictures were created and put up last night)

Akilles said...


i think we can develop this theme specifically for bikes.

also, I finally have my new dog. have one pic of him that is weeks old now. so imagine him at least twice as big.

[i'm on blogger full time now after deciding to drop my other domain]

Anonymous said...

As a driver here are my three pet peeves on bikers. Bikers that roll through stop signs, bikers that roll through red lights, and bikers that take up a whole lane and impede the normal flow of traffic. Funny my pet peeves seem to be the same as yours but from the drivers perspective? Only things is...I do come to a complete stop and I stop at red lights...I also wait behind a bike until I can safely pass...every single day I see bikers being very agressive and I've come to the conclusion that most bikers have brains the size of birds, why? Because my mission in life is not to hit a biker....but I am in a 10,000 lbs car with some sort of steel....I'll be OK if I hit you how will you be? Idiots all of you.

gwadzilla said...

I checked out your page yesterday
looks like a beautiful dog
I bet he can eat a 40 lbs bag of dog food a day
very cute
is that a Mastife? (spelling is not a strength of mine)

that will be a big dog
or maybe a small bear


gwadzilla said...

I appreciate your proper driving behavior
we all appreciate your driving behavior
your special concern for cyclists is appreciated

most drivers are stuck in "auto pilot"
focused on getting from point A to point B
never realizing that they are speeding through neighborhoods and failing to give pedestrians (and cyclists) their rights

as far as bicycles rolling through stop signs and red lights...
I view that as a modification to allow for flow
just as I believe that cars are permitted to exceed the speed limit by an rational degree
the cyclist often views the stop sign or red light as a yeild sign
going through after seeing it is safe and clear
without causing any risk to themselves or others

it is interesting
cars often do not realize there modification of the laws
yet fail to see the cyclist as having the right to also modify the law
when passing a cyclist it is understood that the car is permitted to break the solid double yellow line to make a safe pass
there are certain allowances made

we all need to understand that the cyclist is not creating traffic
the cyclist is part of traffic

often I take the full lane
as the car drivers often pass too fast and too close
they pass wide on winding turns
I dumb it down for the
remove the option for them to put me at risk as well as themselves and others

the car manufactuers have done a good job of making the driver safe in the case of accident
whatever or whomever they hit...
that is a different story


Anonymous said...

re: taking the whole lane. if cyclists have to follow the traffic laws anyway, why not be entitled to the priveleges?

cyclists will get a ticket going through a red light like anyone else.

sincerely yours,
the rightwing biker

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not...I have to watch for bikers that blow through stop signs in my neighborhood and come up to me and my kids without warning --on your left or right--I have to watch for our lives....I have twins both three....some of these hotdogs...usually fat men in tight tour d' france wear are the problem....so again it goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

Really bikers get tickets? bullsh*t! The only thing you get from a biker when you tap your horn cause they are going through a red light is the finger. Give me a break, a ticket, and then what, they come take your bike if you do not pay, they take your house? If bikers got tickets for every stop sign and red light they ran there would be few bikers on the road. In my opinion, at the moment DC has many bike paths (use them)...when you have your "gay" races...they give you a course to prove yourself to other "gay" racers. What do they pay you guys to risk it all in the name of a great race????? On the road, in the end its about survival and even though you all are big men take on my SUV you MFers...we will see who wins!

SUV jim

gwadzilla said...

cyclist can get tickets
it the cyclist has a car driver's license it can be suspended
I know
it has happened to me

bike paths are great
there are not bike paths leading in all the directions that people need to go

gay or straight
we are talking about transportation

as far as a game of chicken...
no cyclist wants to test their flesh and bones agains the hood or bumper of a car
the car is the best weapon
the bicycle is a great means of transport

we all need to understand that the roads are for many forms of transport
bikes as well as cars
I pay taxes
as a car onwer I pay all the taxes that you do
I use less fuel as I drive less
the road are there for me as well

bicycles are not causing traffic
bicycles are part of traffic
cyclist have a right to be there
cyclist have a right to their safety

Anonymous said...

Most of your problems are based on where you live. Mt Pleasant is the hood.


gwadzilla said...

it is interesting that people speed in their own neighborhood
and fail to respect their neighbors
be their neighbors in car, on foot, or on a bicycle


much of my issues with traffic are the commuters in their cars cutting through my "hood"

Anonymous said...

I think its your area...you need to move out of DC...your right...people in DC do not respect anyone or anything....I know your making a political statement by living there but think of your kids. DC is dangerous!! I'm glad we agree on something!!


gwadzilla said...

DC is a city with many people
it has it problems
it is where I have chosen to make my home

the traffic is greater in Northern Virginia
and well
I have no desire to move to Virginia even if they resolved their traffic congestion issues
and for Maryland
I could not affort to live the parts of Maryland that appeal to me

my "hood" has a strong sense of community
we are all working to make it a better place to call home
this happens one day at a time
one person at a time


Anonymous said...

Your alright zilla! Well put.
If your the guy I run over cause you gave me the finger. I may feel bad for a minute.


Akilles said...

Yes, English Mastiff. A breed known to eat cars - I've seen it. He could easily weigh in at 222 lbs fully grown - like his poppa. Yes, small bear. They even sound like it.

For the anonymous drivers here who are the people who make the roads so dangerous - we currently have Federal, State and local laws providing the right to the road in every State of this country. Until the laws are changed you are whining at the wrong complaint department. We will ride. We will continue to ride safely and intellegently and consciously.

Quote of the day:

""On the road, in the end its about survival and even though you all are big men take on my SUV you MFers...we will see who wins!""

I'll let my dog handle that. My big, gay dog. Win, man, Win!

Anonymous said...

ive been pulled over several times on my bike for running red lights. it happens. sucks too.

gwadzilla said...

I have had some ugly conversations with police officers


here is a conversation that I thought went well

Anonymous said...

This was a good topic. Lots of good back and forth. I was kidding about running anyone over with my SUV...I have twin girls...need to be around for them. This morning driving in I saw a biker run a red...I waved at him....he looked at me in a funny way...maybe your on to something zilla.


BIKE NUT 2 said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Scary how my veiws arelike your post. Couldn't agree more

Anonymous said...

Wow, I continue to meet/talk to people who hate DC...thanks for agreeing bike nut2!