dad rushes the field

my dad never saw me play volleyball
while I was captain of the varsity coed volleyball team
my dad never saw me run track
while I was the anchor of the mile relay of the indoor team
and strong in other events

my dad never decked another kid during any of my soccer games
then again... it may have been me issueing the late hit

that dad needs some therapy


Frank Brigandi said...

my mom went to all of my little league games, unti I started racing BMX, it scared her too much. so, she backed away from it. My dad never knew I raced bikes until I met him, "he asked so, what have you bene doing with yourself besides playing guitar?" I took a vhs tape out of my bag and showed him some of the flemmish Kermesse races I raced in, how I used to make money in them. Shitty weather, nasty races, Gritty, angry, never quitting. I'd crash break something and want to go back in crying from pain. On that tape, there was an interview with me, a local Flemish international television station interviewing bicycle racers. I was an odd ball, american, long hair, as pretty as a vampire girl, crying, bleeding, disgustingly dirty from a day of racing in the cold rain in the kermesse.....I could barely talk. They asked me how I did today, I answer crying "six races today". THey asked "six races, what?" I answered "six races I won today, I send the money home to my mother we are poor." "why do you cry" they asked, " I answer, "I broke my collarbone again it hurts alot" They arte silent a moment then ask, " you can not find a job working the paper route or pizza establishment in america, such a young boy yuo are!" I answer, " Yeah, I can, but I don;t want to do that, I want to race my bicycle not take pizza orders" they ask, " what is your name?" I answer, "Frank" my mom calls me Frankie, can I go, I feel like i'm going to puke, " they then ask, "what is puke?" then I throw up all over the microphone.... He just looked at me he was crying, and said quietly, you're just like yuor mother, you're a tough little bastard. From that day onward he called me sport, never Frank, nothing else just sport. He died 5 years later from aids complications.
The guy who throttled the kid on the fiedl has no appreciation for his son. He should allow his son to handle himself so he can grow and learn to negotiate obstacles, even if they are social and monumental. Fighting battles for your children makes them weak, they will expect you to do it all of the time. Yeah, he needs therapy, agreed....I burned that tape after my father watched it, I remember it word for word though.

gwadzilla said...

that was in high school

while in college I played varsity division three soccer
my dad came to one game
there were some ultimate tournaments... but I never told him

I wonder if he would want to come out to a bicycle race?
maybe I could get him to come to a cross race
he can watch the boys while I get my ass kicked by the 35plus or the killer bees

yes I am bitter

gwadzilla said...

quite a story
my story is more simple

my dad was not so involve
children should be seen and not heard sort of scenario
my brother and I felt like accessories

now my dad is a great dad to his adult children
and and even better grandfather

he was not a bad dad
he just was not so involved

as a kid he dragged me around to a million soccer games
it was fun
road trips etc

somewhere along the line it all ended

maybe with his second marriage
I am not trying to unload my dirty laundry here

even if I pulled out my laundry basket for all to see

guess I will put my dirty laundry away and pour myself a drink

this four day week was a long one


Alberto said...

People sometimes become way uncivilized or simply let their emotions get so involved. I don't think as aprent that I would ever charge a field, but that seems like a holier than thou attitude. I would hope not anyway. I certainly don't think you show your love that way and certainly you don't give a good example at all. We must love our children tenderly and chastise them the same way.

gwadzilla said...

today I assisted the coaching process for my five year old son's soccer game

it is an anxious process watching the conflict of your children

it is true
we have to let them sort out some conflicts themselves

Mike said...

The father's action are inexcusable. I see another problem. The mother of the child brings him on television.

When she is asked if her son did anything wrong she replies, "No".

I find people less willing to enter into a dialogue to discuss issues. The hit by the young man was wrong. It was flagged by the official.

There is a subtlety that no one wants to discuss. Nothing the boy did warranted the reaction that the father engendered but something that the boy did was clearly wrong in the eyes of the sport and in my opinion it was wrong from a character issue.

That should also be addressed and not necessarily on network television.