not a conspiracy.... basic economics

there is a tad bit of truth to the conspiracy
my sons love the toy
the toy alone gets the kids coming back
if the burger were only as good as the toy
dam you happy meal!

I do not take them to mc donald's
as I do not eat at mc donald's
not political
just cold turkey
as I loved it... loved it too much

in any case

it is not just a situation of an excellent marketing
but it is also a situation of economics

this morning I popped into a Bread and Chocolate
was in a tad bit of a rush
was looking to try something different for breakfast
the by the pound is the quickest
eash and offers variety
not as good as fresh
but more immediate

so, there I was in Bread and Chocolate
looked up at the on the wall menu
not sure if I saw any prices
an interesting hair to split
too high class to put the price next to the product
yet still on the wall
I can not recall
but I think that is what I did not see

in a hurry I ordered a breakfast sandwich
braced myself for the unknown

the total is in the sub nine dollar range
no drink
I have just spent nearly ten dollars for a sandwich that I will be eating as I walk down the sidewalk
excuse me... a breakfast sandwich nearly ten dollar

well... immediate was not part of the process
which would be fine if I were paying for setting
as it was a nice setting
in a clean and vacant sort of way

eventually my food came and I was out the door
to their credit the food was pretty good
and it was not just an egg sandwich on a crossant roll with extra for bacon
it also had rosmary potatoes on the side
okay.... not crazy over priced
but still more than I care to spend on breakfast

wonder what people get at mc donald's for that price
heck... add cheese to my sandwich and I would be able to use that same amount to feed three people at Mc Donald's

you get what you pay for
and many people can not afford to pay for much
lacking the resourse, forethought, or intention to cook/eat at home

I am not packing a lunch

super size me is a great film

this all adds up

something from TREEHUGGER.com


Frank Brigandi said...

I'd definately lick the knife there Joel.....have you seen super size she?..whew.. drugs are bad bad bad....holy shit....

stupid said...

Super Size Me and 30 Days have had a great impact on me. Very eye opening. I haven't dined at the McD since the family and I watched Super Size Me. The kicker was that we knew most of the info prior to waatching it.