cross in colorado... cross in colorado?

cyclocross in colorado?
what next?
then the Internet?

guess the world is changing
cyclocross is spreading like some sort of cycling mutant virus

just as the mat people have infected the bus stops and the coffee shops
cyclocross bikes are taking over the grassy parks
all over the country

it is like a Tootsie Roll commercial
what ever it is I think I see
becomes a good place to ride a cross bike for me

I rode home today and hit every little piece of dirt I could
there was no dismount/remount practice
but I will certainly encorporate that into the path of my next post work ride
loving the cross bike

tim's blog
tim rides for if
lots of cool characters ride for if
I need to get some pictures of swampy on my page


gwadzilla said...

hate when that happens...

went back for an addition
grabbed information for rocco's blog and the main independent fabrications blog
it crashed and cycled through at zero on Publish and Post

hate when that happens
maybe later

gwadzilla said...

rocco is here


and the IF Blog is here


megA said...

just how and where is pat riggins?

gwadzilla said...

swamper is alive and well running a messender company in dc
well... he co-0wns a messenger company
he can be seen hammering out some miles each and every day on the streets of dc

I see him from time to time
just been a while

he used to come the city bikes team meetings
but not lately

he is still racing
but I think he is more into the double cross country stuff