a few minutes from work

a breath of fresh air and a few photographs


Zoo said...

I wonder how well bike messengers get paid because I wanna be one! :P

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be a bummer, but if you really want to risk your life in traffic, regardless of weather conditions for what works out to be about $9/hr. go for it. Just remember its not all extreme hipsters, but you're probably taking a job from some dude that its his best or only option.

gwadzilla said...

DC is an expensive town
hard to believe that someone could keep it together on 9 bucks an hour

that is not too much money in this day and age
sure would be hard to stretch things out

a gatorade
a grande coffee
a Chris King headset
it all hardly leaves much left for anything more than a beer and a game of pool

a room in a group house is not as cheap or as common as it once was