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when I was twenty there was a random occurance

some friends of a friend were headed to LA
one of the girls could not go
although I had never met these girls
they let me fly out west on their friend's ticket

we had a blast

on that trip we saw Jane's Addiction... preNothing Shocking
tried to catch the Sugar Cubes... they were sold out
my one and only trip to LA
turned 21 on the plane flying back east

perry farrell interviews theivery corp

on that trip I tried to haggle with a vendor on the side of the road for a cow hide in black and white
not sure what I would have done with it
but it was fun to haggle
he never took my price

I am stil friends with those two girls from the trip to LA


Dave V. said...


What year was that? 1988?

I was shut out of a Sugar Cubes show in L.A. in the late '80's. They were playing in a hipster club in an old hotel across from MacArthur Park (downtown L.A.).

I forget what I did instead.


random said...

Any sense of irony in the lyric "The news is just another show, with sex and violence..."

gwadzilla said...

was that bar THE SCREAM?

I think there were two clubs called SCREAM
one small
one large
the Sugar Cubes were playing at the larger nicer SCREAM
the Sugar Cubes were still pretty unknown at that time
'88 sounds about right

and radker...
perry farrel is a wise freak
I am sure he was being clever and ironic with all that he did