the streets are not safe

the streets are not safe
not only are the streets unsafe for bicycles
but it seems like the laws are against the cyclist as well

cyclsit injured in car accident in Harrisonburg VA

the law does nothing to protect the cyclist
but the law will defintely punish the cyclist

I recall being in the ER with a broken clavicle with an open air fracture
naked on the stretcher
as some fire plug of an officer issued me a ticket

it still makes me angry

Ed Kearny fought the ticket and had it dropped
I got sued by the car that failed to yeild to me
not in the mood for that story...


MRussell said...

A cyclist was hit the same day in Staunton. I posted the details on my blog...

Lee said...

For some reason, its ALWAYS the cyclists fault. Everytime something like this surfaces in the paper or something, all the people around me ask what the cyclist was doing there in the first place, why did they get in front of that car? Etc. Seriously, what the hell, all we can do is educate in our own small communities and ways. It does make a difference to some when you put your own face out there as one of those "stupid cyclists". That is if people generally like you. ;)

gwadzilla said...

that is true

in DC there is a 100 Percent at Fault rule
seems that too much of the time they try to place the blame on the cyclist

when you think about it
there may be times when the cyclist is at fault
perhaps the cyclist ran a stop sign without knowing it was clear
the car that hit them...
were they going the speed limit

if the car that hits the cyclist is breaking the speed limit
they too are at fault
simple and plain
they both broke the law and collided


I am no lawyer
I am not even that smart

but I am sick of hearing a car driver's take of what happened
and then
the way that these things are taken so lightly

people tell me about the accident with a levity to it
when I hear something like these stories
I think... that could be me
worse yet... that could be one of my boys