White Flint Ramp\White Flint Ditch

here is my old friend lawrence
this shot was tucked within the Skate the Crest site
this was the final incarnation of the White Flint Ramp
which was tucked onto land that was owned by who knows how....
that is how things happened back then
hidden in the woods
known through word of mouth

there was no Parks and Rec Skate Park
(so is bicycling)

dave pillow has a folklore tale that I am sure he is sick of telling from this place

bells of
and this
(I did the design with Rob Myers on that CD)


Bryneth Paltrow said...

Roll Rampant and Free, skate ramp/art

gwadzilla said...

very cool..

that is skater terrain that is art

I always wondered what architects thought about their building or their sculptures being ridden

I guess some dig it
but most don't

there are some brick quarter pipes in Georgetown by the C&O Canal that we used to skate in high school

they made lots of noise as skating on bricks will do
too narrow for much more than dropping in or kick turns
a fun place to meet and skate

the people in the condos hated the noise
which I understand
in our youth... we did not care it our skateboarding kept people awake

Nick Bax said...

it's a map!

gwadzilla said...


very cool
it is good to know that there is still an underground


Hellhouse said...

What is Pillow's folk lore tale? The iron pin on the backside of the ramp? Taking turns with the girlfriends? Just did a search for Pillow to catch up and this is what I found. Don't tell me he's the preacher in Florida?!

Anonymous said...

Damn...just the words White Flint Ramp and White Flint Ditch brings back some memories...I remember the first and second incarnations of the White Flint Ramp. Never saw this version...but it's impressive. Me and some buddies happened to show up when Frito and Jason Farrell were building the second version of the ramp. Those guys were legends to us.

We used to skate an 8 foot ramp in the woods between the Grosvenor Metro and Tuckerman Lane back in the late 80's.

There was also a ramp in the woods up off of Edmonston Road way back behind Wintergreen Plaza in about 1987. One whole side was a roll in with the other being vert. My first roll in I wiped and thought I broke my tail bone.

And then there was the ditch up next to the Shady Grove Metro, along with the occassional day skipping school to go skate the old Landsdowne skate park in Baltimore.

This makes me wish I hadn't put away the skateboard when I went off to college.

apascu said...

a friend of my brother's sent this blog around because we were the ones who built the Grosvenor ramp and i figured I had to post a note. Funny story about that ramp is that when we built it in the summer, it was completely covered by foliage and couldn't be seen. We even painted it green to camouflage it, but when the winter came and all the leaves fell, everyone and their mother could see it from the metro...hence it got torn down next spring.

I remember all these ramps - I remember the names Frito and Jason Farrell, but they were a good 5 years older than me and I didn't know them other than that they were associated with the White Flint crew.

I don't remember seeing the ramp you posted here - the original ramp I skated at white flint was a simple, but large half-pipe. That got torn down and a year later, just after animal chin came out, they built something (quite spectacular at the time) similar to what you see here, but it wasn't quite the same. It had 2 large half-pipes connected by a lip, and then there was a small half pipe perpendicular off of one of the sides...i think I'm remembering this right??

Does anyone remember the ramp in the woods by Sibley Hospital in DC right by the canal/potomac? That ramp had a few reincarnations. Ah, the days of going on a hunt for ramps, ditches, pools, skate spots....thanks for sharing.

adam pascu