I have not read many books in my life

I admit
I have not read too many books in my life
of the short list of books I have read
I have read some of the titles several times

it has been a long time since I have read The Prophet
I think that at this stage in life the book could be appreciated in different ways
the same lessons could have new meaning

I will have to dig around
as I never throw anything away
I most certainly have a copy or two
chances are I will not be able to find it

Khalil Gibran as defined by Wikipedia

at one point I had an old copy with that classic cover
it has a signature
as it was a gift
the message was in spanish
it was signed in 1944
I never translated the message
my curiosity is heightened

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Bob. said...

A friend of mine clipped the article. Just gave it to me yesterday.

Agreed. If you're gonna have the nice stuff and not need it, at least use it, try to grow in to it...

You gotta feel sorry for all those bikes collecting dust. But then again, for every person that goes out and buys a bicycle, maybe that's one more person who won't try to run us over when we're riding on the road. Or something like that.