it is a fine line, but a line just the same

it is too soon for christmas music
christmas music is not appropriate until after thanksgiving
yes, this is thanksgiving week
but it is not yet past thanksgiving
it is too soon for christmas music

I am not all bum humbug
it is not like I think it is cool to hate christmas
as a matter of fact I do not hate christmas
there are things about christmas that I dread
but it is not christmas that I hate
it is some of its nasty side effects that bring me such displeasure

here it is a few days before thanksgiving and I am already switching the station around to get away from christmas music
there will be a day where I will play these same songs in the house
but not until after thanksgiving


Graham said...

Yup...I'm with you. After Thanksgiving it must be. I will not extend the season just because the retailers want us to.

I'm a sucker for the pop alternative christmas songs of the 80's.

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
Band Aid - Feed the world
and yes, even
George Michael - Last Christmas

gwadzilla said...

here it is thanksgiving morning
still too early

even if it is the under rated and sometimes oddly over appreciated Hall and Oats with Jingle Bell Rock, John Cougar Something or Other with his Christmas ditty, or Adam Sandler with his holiday classic...
it can start on Black Friday

feed the world
let them know its christmas time
feed the world
let them know its christmas time

what is Dan Akroid doing with all those British Pop Stars?