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it is like the sun was setting
all I could seem to do was squint and move away as the glare was too much
now that I am away from the situaton and the sun has set
I wish I had slowed for a second and really soaked in that sunset
not everyday
but from time to time
people always say stop and smell the roses
well, it is just as important to slow and watch the sun set

Blelvis was that sunset that I thought was a glare in my eye
now that sun has set
darkness has settled in

I wonder if the performance has ended
his performance was his life
I wonder what he has moved on to these days

hope he is well

would love to see someone put together a documentary on DC's Blelvis
I am certain there are stories and images
who would the interviewed?
how receptive would Blelvis be?
when will this happen?
where is it playing?

article on blelvis

Blelvis has the folklore potential of Jesco the Dancing Outlaw
there was a time where Blelvis felt that his talent and his skill was his "ticket"

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