more power and more juice

kids love trains

dogs love trucks
kids love trains

the thomas the tank engine toys are amazing
the children develop an interest for this toy at a young age
a simple oval for the toddler
then more complex tracks as they develop

the children start by having the tracks built for themselves
then they learn to link thing up on their own
there is of course always some need for some parental architectural mediation/guidance
as bringing the track full circle is not always in a child's master plan

there are two types of engines for these toys
standard and battery operated
the battery operated is a thirty dollar investment
these little engines putter around like the little engine that could
it is my contention that the market could sustain a rechargeable system
not a removal able rechargeable battery
but a docking station where the engine gets charged and ready for duty

more battery life
more power
more juice

if people are paying 30 bucks for this less than dynamic creation
they would most certainly pay 45 for something better

get out there and give us a better mousetrap
I am not looking for the millions earned from developing this idea
I am just looking for the engine that can pull a long line of cars around the track

not to mention rechargeable is more environmentally friendly


Nick said...

I've always wondered if the energy sources consumed and the corresponing waste to maintain a rechargable batterys charge (ie - always plugged in and ready to go) are greater or lesser than the energy and waste consumed and created by the throw-away battery.

Quite similar to the theory on how styrofoam cups consume less energy and create less total waste than what it takes to create and maintain a ceramic mug - mining of material, creation, firing, glazing, washing, soaps, water waste, hot water, etc.

gwadzilla said...

very interesting...

like the thought of getting a more fuel efficient car
while getting rid of the old gas guzzler