short jaunt on the bike

winter is upon us

well... not really
well... not at all
except in early darkness
the temperature is amazing
but it gets dark amazingily early

got out of work pretty much right on time
was in my gear and out the door with lights blinking
made the change with the efficiency of superman leaping in a phone booth

without much time and even less ambition I went for a short spin on the Mount Vernon Trail in NOVA
dodged the cars under the street lights for a few city blocks to get there
passed a fender bender at Wisconsin and M just as it happened
low speed crunch
better get mako
it got quite a response from the people on the sidewalk
it had a vibe of that grade school " oh... you're in trouble"
with some childish constrained giggling

the traffic and splitting lanes has its risks
bit the bike path feels more dangerous

the lightless runners and the lightless riders are out in full force
attacking the trail in full force mode
like some sort of suicide mission they are out doing their thing
impossing on my right for me to do my thing
causing me to tense up
refusing me the option to enjoy the view of the marble monuments glowing white in the dark waters of the potomac

I may be under-light
with two red blinking lights on the back of my pack
a bright light blinking light on my chest and a petzel on my helmet
perhaps under lit but I can be seen and I can see
dodging those with the over lights and those moving with the absence of light
dreading it all the way

I turn back into DC early on the 14th street bridge
no desire to joust with the jokers by riding all the way to old town
even the airport seemed like more roulette than I cared to contend with

so I left virginia for the streets of dc
took the straight way home
not feeling all that inspired

spinning my low geared fixie I take the whole lane on 16th Street
the high spinning does not grant me high speed
the traffic behind me is not pleased
but... I need to make the decision for them
they have already proved that they do not know how to behave
share the road does not mean share the lane
if I ride too far to the right
cars will all try to squeeze in between me like I am an obstacle on the side of the road
from the looks of many of these cars it appears that these drivers have cut it close before
with poor measure
dents and dings showing their carlessness and their lack of concern
some of these dents and dings are on my car from their lack of car for my car in the parking lot
but... I am more careful with my body
as I do not want any more dents or dings on my body

so I put myself where I am most safe
knowing that they may be behind me
they will soon get in front of me
and I will soon pass them again
only to take the lane in front of them
just as they took the lane in front of me
not taking it personal
just playing it safe

sure up 16th I can take the sidewalk
sometimes I do take the sidewalk
it is more kind for me to slow a car from being backed up at the next light
or buzzing someone walking on the sidewalk

bike path for the blind

with the lightless runners and cyclists
the excessive HID lights
and the bright lights from speeding cars I feel like I was on this path last night

sorry josh
scanned google real quick for a link to the image of you

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