small town... small culture

again the cycle of things goes full circle

ran into chris in dupont
everytime I see chris he makes me realize how I crave the idea of white water kayaking
I crave the dream of kayaking the way others crave surfing
I crave surfing and the surfer lifestyle as well
but I think that kayaking is a more realistic ambition
chris always has some great stories of getting out on the river
I need to get out on the river
but first I need to learn to kayak

chris owns the velvet lounge
a cool little dive that hosts bands on a small stage

ran into a friend in dupont when I was taking these pictures
it was a good breaking point to get me moving closer back to the office

forgot my story

I think it is time to sit back and zone out to the rest of this show on the tube
better yet
I am brushing my teeth than going to bed

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Anonymous said...

always good to get away from chris