spam master j

if I were a rapper I would be SPAM MASTER J

sent out some emails tonight to plug my blog

sent to EVERYONE in my yahoo account as I was feeling lazy

aftewards I noticed a few emails that may not be interested in this information
removed those emails
then realized there may be a few more
got an email from a member of a list
that list was in that address book
removed that list
then went and removed all sorts of emails
went through and took out ones that I did not recognize or did not think would respond
figured if someone wanted to remain
they could respond
I could add them again

just a little clean up

so awkard

I make these errors all the time
it is not that I am not tech savy
I am just stupid

had a pretty solid ride today
got out a few minutes early
it is still light before 5PM
it makes a huge difference
delt with the darkness for the later parts of the ride


Anonymous said...

Got you email and was happy. Keep up the good work you large, bald beast.

PS - Seattle is freezing right now.

Jill said...

I visit your blog all the time; I'm just not good at the whole commenting thing. Call me a lurker. I'll try to be better about it. Thanks for the reminder to stop by.

PS Salt Lake City is freezing right now too. What gives?