the last issue of SPOKES MAGAZINE is just about to come out

head on over to the local bike shop or gym and grab a copy
it is free
it is only available in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the states
so if you are in Saudia Arabia then you may have to head to a bike shop or gym out of your immediate area
but if you are in downtown dc these magazines are usually available at the local bike shops and a handful of the gyms
not sure about the rest of the mid-atlantic
but I have seen these magazines in all sorts of shops in maryland and beyond

in this issue I give a short review of the Bedlam Custom Clothing and Bag company out of washington dc
as well as a short article about the season sport of cross and the wonderful seasonal fruit the clemetine

I have not reread other article
but I did scan it to see what images they decided to print

there is a sequence shot of Kevin Dillard running some barriers at Charm City
(kevin... I like the music.... is that carlos santana?)
a motion shot of FATMARC moving on some off camber mud at Lily Pons

oh, and two shots of Lyndsey Barnes of Bedlam Custom at work as a messenger
although the caption does not say that the person in the photo is half of the company

check it out
or don't

Spokes Magazine needs an online presence

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