the sun was setting

there was a short gap in the day
we were all back from an afternoon family lunch
it was fantastic
everyone had a blast
everyone over ate
I brought rocket balloons that kept me and the kids busy for a bit

during this short gap between a family lunch with ham and rocket balloons at one house
and dinner with turkey and twister at another house I decided to go for a walk with the camera
grant was taking a nap
dean was in a bit of a mood
which was being controled by his interest in learning to play checkers from his grandpa, Pa

so I went out the back and down the hill with my camera

it was a nice break
nice to get stuck in a thorn bush at sunset
a great way to break in the joe greene jersey

nice to just relax with the camera
of course I would have loved to find a rusty old bike with age and character
but I knew it was unlikely
so I pointed my camera at the world around me

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